Message From the President

As I reflect back on this first month of the New Year, I am humbled and inspired by how our communities are joining together during these times of uncertainty, change and transition and helping each other stand up for and protect what we believe in. Supporting each other during good times and challenging times is what makes us human and WICT is a community in which we can all support, advocate for, and elevate each other. I hope you'll join us this year on our mission to have each and every one of you participate with WICT, bring a colleague, and benefit from this incredible network of professionals in southern California.

We have a ton in store for you this year, with new programming such as our Professional Development Workshop series, bringing you relevant topics and professional facilitators to hone your skills, and new formatting for programming favorites such as our Mentoring Luncheon and Leadership Luncheon to encourage more participation and inclusion of our entire community. We continue to partner with other Women's groups around Southern California and look forward to strengthening and expanding those relationships. And of course, we're busy planning our famous LEA Awards celebrating Leadership, Excellence, and Advocacy to honor very special individuals who are committed to our industry's success and inspiring all of us in the process.

As I look forward to the incredible year planned for 2017, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the amazing 2016 Board of Directors, and Helene Juceam, 2016's Socal WICT President, for all of their hard work and great successes last year. We experienced many amazing accomplishments, including introducing the Women's Leadership Summit, in partnership with Women in Technology Hollywood, MESA, and many of the Women's networks at companies around Southern California. We had an amazing year, and I'm thrilled to report that Socal WICT was named Chapter of the Year for 2016 by WICT National this past week. This honor is shared with our Socal WICT Membership without whom none of this would be possible. Congratulations to our Socal WICT 2016 Board and members and thanks for your continued support and commitment!

You can be sure that despite any external pressures, Socal WICT will continue to be the inclusive forum connecting professionals and encouraging development, networking, and success. Look out for more information on our upcoming Membership Mixer to kick off the year, as well as many of the great programs we're planning for this year!

Cheers to a phenomenal New Year and looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Beth Bayer
President, Socal WICT Chapter